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Jan 18, 2017

Brief legal background of Hypothec in Cambodia under Civil Code and a current update on registration

By Sereyrath Kiri

This article was first published in the January-February 2017 issue of Construction & Property Magazine 

Under the Civil Code of the Kingdom of Cambodia, a hypothec, a mortgage under Cambodian law, is created through an agreement reached between a creditor and a debtor or a third party that provides immovable property as security for an obligation. A hypothee shall have the right to receive the performance of his or her claim prior to other junior creditors from the sale of the immovable property that the debtor or the third party provided to secure their obligation.

A hypothee may not assert the hypothec against a third party (i.e. a party who is not the hypothecator) unless the instrument creating a hypothec is in the form of an authentic deed and registered with the land registry. A right of hypothec may also be hypothecated in order to secure debt. This is referred to as 'sub-hypothecation'.

A hypothec over land extends to all things that are attached to and form part of the land comprising the object of the hypothec at the time of its creation, including buildings thereon. It also extends to things that attach to the land after the hypothec is created. However, it does not extend to a building owned by a third party on the hypothecated land.

Where multiple hypothecs have been created on an immovable property in order to secure multiple debts, the order of their priority shall be based on the chronological order of their registration.

In the event of a failure to perform on a debt, a hypothee may apply to the court for compulsory sale of the hypothecated property. Where the hypothecator or a third party erects a building on land after it is hypothecated, and the hypothecator owns that building, the hypothee may demand the compulsory sale of the building together with the hypothecated land.

Regarding certification of hypothec agreements, a Joint Prakas between Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning, and Construction and Ministry of Interior dated 15 June 2016 which amends Clause 9 of their previous Joint Prakas dated 09 September 2005, among other things, requires that hypothecs be certified by the chief of commune or Sangkat where the secured property is located.

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